Galapagos Scuba Diving

( 5 nights / 6 days - departures:  Daily)

• Transfer Baltra / hotel in Puerto Ayora, visiting the highland part of Santa Cruz Island (Includes lava Tunnels and a turtle reserve) + Visit to the Scientific Charles Darwin Station. (Transfer operates daily at 12h45pm)
• 5 nights of accommodation in Santa Cruz Island with breakfast
• Excursion to Tortuga Beach & Bay Tour
• 2 Scuba Diving Day Tours with lunch
• Transfer hotel / aiport + Finca de cafe. (Transfer operates at 8h00 am, arrival at the airport at approximately 10h30 am)
• Hotel Taxes

Galapagos Scuba Diving

Day 1:
Transfer Airport Baltra / Hotel in Puerto Ayora (Isla Santa Cruz)
Welcome at the Baltra airport and free transfer by bus to the tip of the Itabaca canal, where you will proceed by a public ferry service in the Island of Santa Cruz. Transport will be waiting in order to transfer you to Puerto

Ayora, area where the hotels are located on the Island. On the way, you will have the opportunity to visit the lava tunnels and a Turtle reserve. Visit to the Scientific Charles Darwin Station, where you can learn more about the Galápagos Islands; the species that live in this enchanted place, its origin, the theory of Evolution, the conservation programs, and observe some Giant Turtles in captivity. Accommodation.

Day 2:
Breakfast at hotel. In the morning excursion to Tortuga Bay Beach, after 40minute walk (approx.) we will arrive to this magic place, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Galapagos!, with white sand and green mangroves. "Playa mansa" is where we can swim and enjoy of the beach. Free time for lunch (not included).

In the afternoon, tour around the bay on board a yacht, starting with a visit to "La Lobería", named because of the presence of sea lions. Here you will be able to swim or snorkel. Then we proceed with our tour to the "Canal del Amor", a marvelous site where nature gives us an unforgettable view; at the end of this channel, just a few meters forward, a viewpoint where we can observe reef sharks; from here we continue with a short walk to see the marine iguanas that inhabit in "Playa de los Perros". Punta Estrada will also be visited. Return to Puerto Ayora.
*Note: shipping used in this excursion is a boat engine with capacity for 12 people. This tour only takes place Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Day 3:
Breakfast. Scuba Diving.
Departure early in the morning from your hotel and transfer to port of Itabaca channel to board the yacht where you will enjoy the tour with lunch included at the end of the tour transfer back to your hotel.
Day 4:
Breakfast. Scuba Diving.
Departure early in the morning from your hotel and transfer to port of Itabaca channel to board the yacht where you will enjoy the tour with lunch included at the end of the tour transfer back to your hotel.
Day 5:
Breakfast. Free time. You can to enjoy to the beach Tortuga Bay
Day 6:
Breakfast. Transfer Hotel / Airport
Our tour guide will pick you up at your hotel to go to the canal of Itabaca, where a ferry will take you to Baltra Island. At the port you will board a bus of your airline that takes you to the airport. En route you are going to visit a coffee plantation which is part of a social responsibility program. The encouragement for the organic coffee cultivation contributes to the conservation of plants and soil and therefore is deemed to be a perfect model of sustainable tourism.
Please note:

** Includes 2 dives each day tour
** Includes all equipment and dive master guides (full 6 mm wetsuit, jacket type BCD with power inflators, regulator with octopus, pressure gauge and depth gauge, mask, snorkel, fins
** PADI Diver License is required for each passenger
** Galapagos Scuba Diving Operations are subject to change without notice, according to weather conditions, space availability and logistic
** These programs can be combined between them or with extensions to Galapagos, Amazon, Beaches or optional excursions and additional nights.
** National Park Fees and Air tickets are not included
** Galápagos Packages and Tours operations are subject to space availability, changes of itineraries and departure dates without any notice, according to weather conditions, logistic and other operation requirements.


**Net Prices per person (subject to change)
**Prices in US Dollars


Single Room

Double Room

Triple Room

Hotel Flamingo or Red Booby
(Tourist 3*)
Additional night
1614 1314 1314
135 75 75
Fernandina (Superior 3*s)
Additional night
1834 1494 1434
179 111 99
Isla Sol by SolyMar (First 4*)
Additional night
2509 1724 1589
314 157 130
Sol y Mar (Superior 4*)
Additional night
3084 2009 1779
429 214 168
Royal Palm (Luxury 5*)
Additional night
3139 2039 2414
440 220 295

** Program does not include air ticket from Quito or Guayaquil
NOTE: The air route Quito or Guayaquil / Baltra / Quito or Guayaquil is mandatory for all programs "Galapagos Hotel and Yacht"
** Programs do not include Galapagos: Galapagos National Park Fee US$ 50.00 (Andean Pact & Mercosur) / US$ 100.00 (Other countries) US$ 20.00 (TCT Transit Card) + Air Ticket (referential rate): Quito or Guayaquil / Galapagos / Guayaquil or Quito US$ 590.00 net, non-commissionable, subject to change and availability

IMPORTANT: Consider the following information about schedules for transfers IN / OUT in Santa Cruz
**Transfer Airport (Baltra) / Hotel (Santa Cruz Island) * one way, including visits. Available every day at 12h45pm.
* Transfer Hotel / Airport * route includes a visit to Coffee Farm. Opera at 8:00 am, 10:30 a.m. arrival at the airport
** Surcharge for transfer airport / hotel in Galapagos, for flights arriving before 10h30am: US$ 75,00 USD per person
** Surcharge for transfer hotel / airport in Galapagos, for flights departing before 10h00am: US$ 75,00 per person
** Full Day yacht (including in any program of this collection) can be changed by Scuba Diving Tour with surcharge: US$ 120.00
(licencia PADI es requerida, incluye 2 inmersiones y box lunch)
**Full day excursions _ yacht are not recommended for children under 5 years, elderly people, pregnant women or people with limited mobility
**Full day excursions yacht may be sold only as part of a program with accommodation, GRAY LINE ECUADOR does not guarantee the specific location of this visit
**Galapagos Excursions Hotel & Yacht programs, are subject to space availability and itinerary changes due to weather conditions and sailing permits
** Rates do not apply for Holidays, please confirm Rates and Conditions
** 2015 Tariff Guide / Third Edition
** Prices are valid until December 15 /2015




You will visit the Gemelos craters to enjoy the nature diversity of this place. Discover a lava tunnel and see the formation of a cavern and suffers walls. Then walk trough the famous turtles Galapagos paradise, and follow your visit to the scientific Charles Darwin station where you will easily understand the formation of the islands, species and their evolution. Learn and understand the conservation programs for the islands and finally see another giant turtles Galapagos place and visit the famous Solitary George.


You can get to know the island and visit La Lobería named for all the huge sea lion colonies that live there. Here one will be able to do snorkeling and to swim, play with the sea lions, see beautiful fish of all colors and sea turtles In the Canal del Amor you can observe reef sharks and also have the possibility of swimming, snorkeling with them
Tortuga Bay is a beautiful white sand beach, in which you will be able to snorkell, as well as enjoy the beach.


This island is a solid structure of basaltic lava rocks about an hour away from our base. The 4 dive sites here generally have excellent visibility and mild currents, making these sites ideal for novices. At the same time, the animals and topography (including a spectacular arch) make them interesting for intermediates and experts. We can see stingrays, eagle rays, garden eels, turtles, sea lion colonies, morays, pelagic fish, and maybe white tip reef sharks and/or hammerhead sharks.
Trip duration: 7-8 hours – Difficulty: Intermediate


This tuff cone formation is a world famous dive site about one hour from our base. There are 4 dive sites in the area, but only two are for novices. The other two sites are for intermediates and experts because there can be strong currents and surge. The Gordon Rocks dive sites are mostly walls with a deep bottom. Blend in and blow few bubbles and you may be blessed with a hammerhead sighting! Hammerhead sharks are the main attraction of Gordon Rocks, where they often conglomerate in large schools. You won't be able to stop looking at this aquarium as you're likely to also see reef fish, large pelagic fish, golden rays, stingrays, eagle rays, turtles, and more rays.
Trip Duration: 7-8 hours – Difficulty: Advanced


North Seymour is an uplifted island of lava flow about 90 minutes north of our dive base. There are 5 dive sites suitable for all levels of divers, although sometimes the currents can be strong. These sites have the most different species per square foot of sandy bottom. We can see cleaning behavior, a large garden eel colony, sea turtles, sea lions, fur seals, eagle rays, yellow-tailed grunts, big-eyed jack, and frequently white tip reef sharks and hammerheads. Occasionally, Galapagos sharks can also be seen here.
Trip duration: 8-9 hours – Difficulty: Advanced


An islet with a wall dropping from the surface into the deepest depths, Cousins Rock is home to a big area of sloping rock plates known as a "Planchonal" about two hours from our base. There can be strong currents here that separate the productive and unproductive sides of the dive site. Cousins is full of spectacular endemic young black corals and other sightings may include frogfish, fur seals, sea turtles, sea horses, and usually, hammerhead sharks.
Trip duration 8-9 hours.- Difficulty: Intermediate


This is an isolated offshore turf cone with vertical walls all around it about one hour from our dive base. The main dive site is a shelf of boulders at about 60 feet and the diving can be difficult depending on the currents and surge. We usually see many Galapagos sharks here, some schools of pelagic fish, and multicolored sponges on the rock wall.
Trip duration 7-8 hours. – Difficulty: Intermediate

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